Weddings & Funerals

Funerals and Memorial Services

Your clergy are  available to offer you and your family care throughout the death and grieving process. When someone in your family is dying, please let your clergy know.  We can visit them, bring communion, and pray with your family. 

​When a person dies “the death of a member of the Church should be reported as soon as possible to, and arrangements for the funeral should be made in consultation with, the Minister of the Congregation.” (Book of Common Prayer, p. 468).  In the days following the death we are available to help plan funerals and interments.  The parish clergy work closely with the family to create a service of worship that honors the departed and communicates the faith of the Church—that in Christ Jesus, not even death has the power to separate us from the love of God. 

Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church - Cathedral Road ☩ 

Regulations for St. Mary’s Episcopal Church - Cathedral Road Lawn Columbarium

  1. The Lawn Columbarium is to be used for cremated remains only.  The scattering of ashes is not permitted

  1. The location of internments within the Lawn Columbarium is in accordance with the plan of St. Mary’s - Cathedral Road which will follow an orderly sequence.

  1. The Sexton (or other staff-member) will prepare the site for burial and will be present for the internment to assist the family.  The cost for the Sexton is included below.

  1. Arrangements for an internment are made with the Parish Office at least three days in advance of internment.  All fees established by the Vestry of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Cathedral Road are to be paid at this time.

  1. All grave markers are to be in conformity with the plan as established by the Church.  The markers will consist to a gray granite marker 1’ by 1’ by 4” to be level with the ground and may include full name, year of birth and year of death only.  The marker and inscription is included in the opening fee.

  1. No decorations or plantings other than cut flowers are permitted in the Lawn Columbarium.  Cut flowers are permitted, and may be removed at the discretion of the Church staff. 


$600 for Columbarium Plot $250 Organist fee 

$250 Opening fee

$100 Sexton fee $500 Use of Parish Hall

$300 Clergy fee

Grave Marker

     Approximately $450 ~ Christiansen Memorials

630 East Cathedral Road, Philadelphia, PA 19128 ☩ 



One of the great joys of parish life is to share in a couple’s wedding day.  We at St. Mary's Church want to assist you in making that special occasion spiritually meaningful.  We believe in committed lifelong partnerships that express the love of God in a bond of mutual support and fidelity, for all couples. When a couple desires to be married, a priest works with them to prepare their hearts and to plan their ceremony.

The Episcopal Church requires that one of the parties be a baptized Christian and that the wedding service be attested to by at least two witnesses.  The service itself must be one that is authorized by the Episcopal Church and Emmanuel limits weddings to members of the parish and their children.

First and foremost, please make an appointment with the clergy.  This first appointment will answer your questions about the myriad details involved in planning a wedding.  Please keep in mind the clergy will not make arrangements with parents, so please call to set up your own meeting date and time.  Please do not make any final arrangements, place deposits or have anything printed with a date for the wedding until you have met with the priest, and he or she has agreed to preside at the wedding and has placed the wedding date on the parish master calendar.  All arrangements for the wedding rehearsal and liturgy are made in consultation with the parish clergy.  No wedding dates will be placed on the parish calendar until the clergy have had a minimum of at least one meeting with the couple before agreeing to officiate at their wedding.