Diocese of PA

Jesus calls us to love one another. In that spirit, our annual Diocesan Convention will be entirely virtual this year. It will begin with worship on November 6, 2020 and continue with an abbreviated session November 7.  The details are still being finalized but it will focus on essentials like elections and the 2021 budget. While Bishop Gutiérrez’s formal Call to Convention will be issued at a later date, the Convention Arrangements Committee would like you to be aware of the following information at this time.

  • Resolutions that propose changes to diocesan canons or the Diocesan Constitution are due 90 days prior to Convention, or August 10, and should be submitted to Stephen P. Chawaga, Esq., schawaga@episcopallegalaid.org.
  • Other resolutions are due 60 days prior to Convention, or September 8, and should be submitted to the chair of the Resolutions Committee, Karen Lash at klashklash@verizon.net using the format found at https://diopa.org/uploads/attachments/ckdklk0w94i0u2wqs0ff01xa2-resolutions-form.docx
  • Questions about resolutions should be referred to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, Karen Lash, klash.klash@verizon.net.
  • Pre-convention meetings begin in September. The schedule will be available later in August. Hearings for the 2021 budget are held three times in August – 8/128/20, 8/27. Convention Registration will also open later in August.

The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates to stand for election. Click on the committees below for more information on what that committee does. You may nominate yourself or someone else by contacting the committee chairs, the Rev. Jim Littrell (james.littrell@gmail.com) and/or Dr. Evelyn Partridge (drpartridge@verizon.net) or you may go directly to Member365 and complete the form by September 25.

Positions to Fill:        2 Lay Trustees           3-Year Term

Positions to Fill:        1 Clergy                    3-Year Term
                                   4 Lay Person             3-year Term

Positions to Fill:        3 Clergy                    3-year Term
                                   2 Lay Person             3-year Term
                                   1 Lay Person              Unexpired Term (1 year)
                                   1 Lay Person              Unexpired Term (2 years)

Positions to Fill:        2 Clergy                    3-year Term
                                   2 Lay                         3-year Term

General Convention Alternates
Positions to Fill:        4 Clergy                    3-year Term
                                   4 Lay Person             3-year Term

Church Attorney     
Position to Fill :          1 Lay Person              3-year Term

Board of Trustees                                       
Positions to Fill:        1 Clergy                     3-year Term
                                   2 Lay                          3-year Term

Positions to Fill:        1 Clergy                    3-year Term
                                   1 Lay Person             3-year Term

A reminder: The initial mailing with the Call to Convention will be disseminated by email and by snail mail to those for whom we have no email address. All information after the initial mailing will be shared online only, so those without Internet access are asked to designate a contact who does have email and is willing to print out information.
We look forward to our annual gathering. All updates will be shared in the weekly newsletter and on our main web page.

Convention Arrangements Committee
The Rev. Benjamin Wallis

Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania | 23 E. Airy StreetNorristown, PA 19401

Canon responsibilities: The canons are here to serve you. Here is how they can help.
  • Rev. Arlette Benoit-Joseph, canon for transition: can help you find clergy for your congregation; apply for grants for continuing ed. and sabbaticals; and help individuals who are discerning a call to ordained ministry.
  • Rev. Kirk Berlenbach, canon for growth and support: can help you connect with the community; develop new and innovative ministries; and maximize use of church buildings and grounds 
  • Doug Horner, canon for finance and business: can help you with Sacred Gifts for Mission & Administration; parochial reports and audits; commercial insurance, benefits and pensions through Church Pension Group; endowments and investments; parish financial management and operations; property issues and tenant leases and licenses to use; and employment and human resource policy.
  • Rev. Betsy Ivey, canon for growth and support: can help you strategically think about how you want to change your parish ministry; and find supporting resources for ministry (websites, accounting, grant-writing, sharing resources).
  • Jennifer Tucker, canon for communications: can help you with content creation; grassroots marketing; web site development; social media strategy; event planning; messaging; and crisis communications.
  • Rev. Shawn Wamsley, canon to the ordinary: can help answer questions about the operations of the Diocese; direct congregations to support and resources within the Bishop's office and questions about policy and procedure within the Diocese; and provide direct support for Evangelism ministries, initiatives and programs.
  • Rev. Toneh Smyth, canon for missioncan help connect you with trainings that focus on mental health and addiction concerns; wide missions/events that address national and global issues (e.g. poverty, racism, discrimination, health disparity, legislative changes, acts of violence); and with parishes doing similar mission work. 
Since we are "co-creators" in this journey, and this is your diocese, I need to hear from you and know if we are responding to your needs. We are continually seeking to improve. We are continually reviewing all processes, procedures, and budgets. As a wise elder once said: "You cannot improve what you cannot measure."

I am blessed to serve as your Bishop. Let us walk with one another, let us pray for one another and thank God for the opportunity to share in this journey as a community of hope, transformation and love. In Jesus Christ, all things are being made new.
Know Jesus. Change the world.

The Rt. Rev. Daniel G. P. Gutiérrez
XVI Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania